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 KRAKHMALYOVA & PARTNERS  PATENT AND TRADEMARK ATTORNEYSUkrainian patent attorney No 260Ukrainian patent attorney, patent and trademark attorneys of Ukraine, Ukrainian patent, Ukrainian trademark registrationUkrainian patent attorney, patent and trademark attorneys of Ukraine, Ukrainian patent, Ukrainian trademark registration


Ukrainian patent attorney, patent and trademark attorneys of Ukraine, Ukrainian patent, Ukrainian trademark registration TRADEMARK ATTORNEYS OF UKRAINE

Ukrainian patent attorney, patent and trademark attorneys of Ukraine, Ukrainian patent, Ukrainian trademark registrationOUR SERVICE


If you have created intellectual property and would like to protect it in due course, we will help you!

On these pages you will be able to get relevant information on all services concerning trade marks, inventions, copyrights registration etc.

In wide sense intellectual property is vested rights to results of intellectual activity in manufacture, science, literature, and arts. Traditionally, intellectual property is sub-divided into industrial property and copyright.

Industrial property is rights to such intellectual property as:

  • inventions;
  • utility models;
  • industrial designs;
  • trademarks (marks for goods and services).
Copyright law provides authors and other creators of works of science, literature, and art with certain rights, entitling them for a limited period of time to permit or prohibit various acts of using their works. Intellectual property is a notion of extraordinary importance in modern economic life. Intellectual property legislation affords opportunities for participants of market relations to increase their income by using results of intellectual labor, averting unethical competition, forming attractive image in the market, by tax structuring, and conducting other strategic and tactical operations.

When should an application for patent for an invention or a design invention be filed? The first general rule is to file earlier. An early date of filing will be important for proving the priority for the invention in case of a conflict of interests with another claimant to patenting the same invention. Besides, having filed an application for patent, it will be easier to attract investment for business development. If improvements continue after official filing, the second general rule comes into force. This is to file more frequently, claiming additional improvements by new applications for patent.

While applying to a patent solicitor, it will be enough to tell him/her the minimum factual information and provide him/her with preparation and filing of application in the form and in the time provided by the Ukrainian Patent Legislation.

We offer to our clients timely and attentive service throughout registration, acquisition, and maintenance of patents for inventions, useful models, and design inventions in every branch, as well as trademark certificates both in Ukraine and abroad. For international official filing we form a set of documents, meeting requirements of the country legislation. During the pendency of application we decide issues attributed to any pleas or requirements, arising during the period.

We aim at helping our clients to obtain the maximum profit of their invention. One of the most important ways of our protecting value of our clients' technologies is timely preparation and pendency of application for patents in Ukraine and in any other country. We represent our clients at all stages of pendency of applications for patents, and also help them with such aspects of trademark protection as its acquisition and licensing.

We suppose that our duty is not only obtaining the maximum protection for our clients but also their permanent informing of their financial standing. We realize that issues can arise at every stage of patent pending and keeping in force rights for intellectual property, so we do our best to avoid such problems, which root in difference of languages and legal systems considering the client's wishes.

Our address:

65 Sumskaya str. apt. 7,

PO box 3120, Kharkiv, 61072 (UA)

Tel. (fax): +38 (057) 702-42-41, 340-17-07, +38 (050) 302-33-83
Tel.: +38 (057) 764-84-06


WIPO-Ukraine Summer School on Intellectual Property

The WIPO Academy was founded in March 1998 in response to demand for knowledge and skills in intellectual property (IP). It serves as a center of excellence in teaching, training and research in IP. Its programs cater to different target audiences - inventors and creators, business managers and IP professionals, policy makers and government officials of IP institutions, diplomats and representatives, students and teachers of intellectual property and the civil society.

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Dear Colleagues, Taking into consideration the competitive world situation our firm is trying to help our clients by offering very special prices for Trademark and Patent and Utility model registration in the Ukraine and Russian Federation

trademark certificate Ukraine

trademark certificate

Trademark certificate Ukraine

trademark certificate Russian Federation
trademark certificate

Trademark certificate Russian Federation

copyright registration certificate Ukraine
copyright registration certificate

Copyright registration certificate Ukraine

patent for the invention Russia
patent for the invention

Patent for the invention Russia.

patent for the utility model
patent for the utility model

Patent for the utility model.

patent for the invention

Patent for the invention 20 years Ukraine.

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